Basement with a porpose.

A Castle Rock basement that was a rescue project. We took a few steps back to start moving forward on this one. We remove the wood floors, refinished the drywall, repainted and re-installed the wood floors to really start seeing progress. This basement is an oasis for our clients massage and physical therapy patients. The 200sf addition under the deck added space to the home without effecting the available space in the yard. It features a beautiful entry and screened off, well ventilated hot tub. This new space opens into a work out/physical conditioning area, with access to the laundry room, full bath with walking frameless shower, and massage/wet/dry sauna room. Beyond the work out area is a wet bar with sandstone counters and a custom fossil backsplash. This area also features a 5.1 Dolby Surround Entertainment area where we turned a post into a functional end table with reading lights and built USB chargers.  To finish this basement off we install custom stained wood stairs. Metz Canyon Construction and The Countertop Gallery were the two major contributors in bringing this one together.


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